EVLA Post-op Instructions

Following EVLA Treatment

The first 72 hours

  • Your stockings must be left on continuously.
  • You are encouraged to walk and resume normal daily activities.
  • Please avoid prolonged periods of standing in place or sitting with your legs down.
  • When sitting, please elevate your legs on a stool or chair.
  • You may apply ice packs (on top of the stockings) over the treated areas – we recommend 15 minutes every one to two hours.
  • Take Ibuprofen (Advil) or Tylenol plain if you have any discomfort.
  • Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to avoid dehydration.

72 hours to one week

  • After 72 hours you may remove the stocking and bandages and shower – we recommend showers over warm or hot baths.
  • Bruising along the treatment site is normal and can be reduced by applying ice as advised above.  The bruising usually clears within two weeks.
  • The varicose veins should be significantly smaller.  Do not be discouraged by persisting veins, as these will continue to shrink over the next 8 weeks.
  • Please wear your support stockings from morning to night (overnight if you can) for one week.
  • Some tightness over the vein is normal and may feel like a “pulled muscle” – we encourage you to continue walking to reduce this tightness.
  • At one week to ten days you will see the doctor and can expect to be able to return to all activities including vigorous exercise.  If you need to fly, you may do so after this visit.

One to Eight weeks

  • Return to full activities.
  • The vein branches will continue to shrink or disappear.
  • Stiffness, minor swelling or discolouration over the treated area can occur and will progressively improve.
  • Wear your support stockings daily for the first three weeks (even overnight if you are comfortable).
  • Beyond the first three weeks stocking use is not imperative; however, regular use over the first eight weeks will help you to heal faster.
  • At eight weeks your doctor will reassess your veins and decide if any additional (minor) treatment is necessary.